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Looks like little black speckled shading behind your rear view mirror. It is designed to shade the sun while in the awkward space in the top middle of your windshield between your fold down visors. This is where it gets the name of “Third Visor”.

Heat lines underneath the area where your wipers sit. You may or may not have a “de-icer” button inside to manually turn them on. The heat lines are hidden from a distance but should be visible up close.

​Automatically dims the lights behind you when driving at night.  One of the easiest ways to notice this feature is if you have any of the following: a digital compass in the mirror, buttons or lights, or if the mirror does not have a ‘flip tab’ coming out of the bottom.​

lane departure warning system

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heated wiper park area

electrochromic mirror

Shaded band of tint that runs along the entire top of your windshield coming down about 4-6” fading down. The most common colors are green and blue. windshield options in Tallahassee, auto glass in Tallahassee

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Just like your vehicle, windshields can range in shape, size, tint color, and optional features. Some vehicles that are the same year make and model have many standard or optional features. These features may include: third visors, shade bands, rain sensors, heated windshields, electrochromic mirrors, heads-up display (HUD), lane departure warning systems, and/or solar controlled

shade band

Alerts when you drift between lanes without using your turn signal. It uses a camera attached to the windshield to function. It may vibrate your seats, beep, show a picture on your navigation system, and/or light up an indicator.

*NOTE: We do not replace sunroofs or side mirrors*

third visor

rain sensor

Windshield Options Auto Glass

Small gel pack adhered to the windshield either by the rear view mirror or the lower right hand side of the windshield. If you have a rain sensor, your wipers will turn on automatically or adjust speed. windshield replacement in Tallahassee auto glass only